Grandeur hotel offers a choice of casual and fine dining at its variety of restaurants, cafes, lounges and bars. A wide selection of dishes is available from cuisines as varied as – Arabic, Chinese, Indian and Continental.

23rd Street Sports House

Immerse yourself in a thrilling sports atmosphere at the 23rd Street Sports House, nestled within Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha- the best luxury 4 star hotel In Al Barsha, Dubai. Offering multiple screens broadcasting live sports, this dynamic hub combines passion for games with an eclectic menu. Whether you're cheering for your favorite team or enjoying a casual evening with friends, this sports house provides the perfect backdrop. Experience unmatched ambience and service at Al Barsha's premier sports destination.

The Local Fix : Café

Situated at the 1st floor of Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha- the best luxury 4 star hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai, the Local Fix is more than just a café.

Its intricate design welcomes guests into a haven of aromatic indulgence. From your daily caffeine fix to a curated selection of artisan teas, this café has it all. Pair your drink with an assortment of fresh bakery delights, wholesome wraps, crunchy salads, and delectable sandwiches. Dive into a culinary experience that’s both comforting and gourmet, right in the heart of Al Barsha.

D’fusion : Indian Cuisine

Step into D’Fusion, a realm of culinary splendor set amidst minimalist opulence at Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha- the best luxury 4 star hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai.

D’Fusion is a tribute to the rich tapestry of Indian flavors. Experience the depth and expressiveness of authentic Indian dishes, complemented by a unique twist of spicy Indian-infused Chinese cuisine. Every bite is a testament to the chefs’ mastery and the vibrant blend of traditions, making D’Fusion a must-visit dining destination in Al Barsha.

Café La Rez

Elegance meets relaxation at the Lobby Lounge of the Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha, hailed as the best luxury 4 star hotel in Al Barsha, Dubai.

Designed as a serene retreat, the lounge offers guests a space to unwind, hold casual meetings, or indulge in some solitary reflection. With its blend of modern aesthetics and comforting ambiance, the Lobby Lounge stands as an inviting enclave. Whether you’re starting your day with a morning brew or ending it with a tranquil evening drink, this lounge encapsulates the warmth and hospitality Al Barsha is renowned for.


Indulge in the ultimate Arabian experience at Sheesha4U, the exquisite Sheesha Lounge at Grandeur Hotel Al Barsha.

Located within the heart of the city, this opulent lounge is a haven for those seeking a taste of traditional Middle Eastern hospitality.

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